Top 10s of priorities for research

The final workshop of a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) enables patients, carers and clinicians to agree the Top 10 priorities for future research.  We have listed all of the Top 10s below. The dates in brackets are the year in which the Top 10 was published.

Whilst the JLA refers to each list as a Top 10, a few of the PSPs have not limited their list to exactly 10 priorities. To find out more about how each PSP arrived at their Top 10, please visit the The PSPs section of the website.

Regardless of their position, all of the unanswered questions for each PSP are important.  Where provided by the PSP, further details of the 20-30 unanswered questions discussed at the final workshop are shown, including their ranking, an explanation of the uncertainty, and details of any existing research reviewed.

The agreement of a Top 10 marks the beginning of the next stage of work for a PSP.  The research priorities need to be promoted to key groups such as research funders, researchers, patients and carers and the wider research community, and individual more specific research questions need to be developed from the priorities. The Guidebook contains more advice on how PSPs can formulate research questions and work with researchers and research funders.

NIHR is interested in funding research which addresses any of the PSP priorities through its ongoing call for research.