Prostate Cancer Top 10

  1. How can overtreatment for prostate cancer be prevented by identifying and excluding the treatment of harmless tumours? (Tigers & Pussycats)
  2. Is there a genetic marker for prostate cancer that would be both more sensitive and more specific than PSA serum level?
  3. What can be done to delay or prevent the onset of hormone-independent prostate cancer?
  4. Are there any dietary measures that can prevent prostate cancer or slow its progression?
  5. Does serial PSA measurement in patients with prostate cancer accurately monitor disease progression?
  6. Would prostate cancer screening targeted at high risk groups, i.e. those with positive family history, and ethnic minorities with higher rates, improve the outcomes of treatment in these groups?
  7. Does active surveillance work for treatment of prostate cancer?

   The following priorities were ranked joint 8th at the workshop:

  1. Do variations in GP awareness of prostate cancer affect outcomes?
  1. What is the effectiveness of new treatments for prostate cancer such as high intensity focused ultrasound and cryotherapy?
  1. Is there a vaccine that can prevent prostate cancer?
  1. Are there any non-intrusive diagnostic tests that will identify patients with aggressive prostate cancer whilst not identifying harmless cancers? (Tigers and Pussycats)

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