The James Lind Alliance

The James Lind Alliance (JLA) is a non-profit making initiative bringing patients, carers and clinicians together in JLA Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs).   The JLA PSPs identify and prioritise unanswered questions or evidence uncertainties that they agree are the most important, so that health research funders are aware of the issues that matter most to the people who need to use the research in their everyday lives.


PSPs work to identify which uncertainties really matter and where research would make the most difference.

The Top 10s

What are the top priorities for future research, agreed by patients, carers and health and care professionals working with PSPs?

Making a Difference

JLA PSPs have the potential to impact on the people who take part in them, the profile of the areas they set priorities in, and of course the research that is funded.

What's new.....

2nd February 2023.   Stephanie is mum and full-time carer to Maisie-May who has a rare genetic condition called Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, a key symptom of which is epilepsy. Stephanie shares a powerful and emotional blog regarding her experience working with the UK Epilepsy PSP and the importance of giving her little girl and others affected by epilepsy a voice. 

"It was refreshing to finally be involved in research into epilepsy. For so long I have searched for answers and never found any research relatable to our experience. I think it’s vital for the people affected by epilepsy to contribute to research because we witness the day-to-day impact it has on life. We access the treatments and we use the services."

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More than a Top 10

The More than a Top 10 report discusses the types of impact that JLA PSPs have and lessons learnt around maximising the value of the agreed priorities.  An Executive Summary is also available.

Our hosts

The JLA Coordinating Team is funded by the NIHR. Read our relationship statement.