The JLA Lab

The JLA Lab is a safe exploratory space where new ideas and methods can be developed and tested, away from JLA PSP activity. The aim is to support innovation and address some of the challenges of our stakeholders, whilst protecting the integrity and reputation of JLA PSPs.


An experimental space for priority setting activity

The JLA Lab is a conceptual space and the activity will primarily be based within the JLA Coordinating Team at the School of Healthcare Enterprise and Innovation at the University of Southampton.  Activities will be overseen by the JLA Executive.  JLA’s NIHR infrastructure funding will support this activity in the first instance. 

Anyone can submit ideas for testing in the Lab.  The JLA Executive will consider each idea on a case by case basis.  All activities in the Lab will be evaluated and reported, including those less successful.  We will consult with the JLA Advisory Group where appropriate, before any new methods are considered for incorporation into the JLA Guidebook.  We recognise that not all ideas tested in the Lab may be suitable for adoption as JLA methodology. 

There are a number of activities taking place that fall within the JLA Lab.  Read more about these activites and why the JLA Lab exists below.

Why the JLA Lab?

The health and care research landscape continues to evolve and so the JLA also needs to develop and evolve in order to remain relevant and have the capacity to respond to the changing needs of our community in an effective and efficient way.

Development of online priority setting workshops

The Covid-19 pandemic required us to rapidly develop methods for working virtually, by adapting priority setting workshops into a fully online setting.

The JLA in Lower and Middle Income Countries

We are working to develop locally appropriate research priorities in Ethiopia, bringing together both technical experts and experts from lived experience.

Alternative funding sources

The JLA has been approached on a number of occasions to consider whether a JLA PSP can be funded directly by a commercial organisation.

Priority setting for a local community

JLA PSPs typically focus on setting priorities in specific health conditions or health settings.  In this exercise, community priorities are likely to cover areas beyond health research.

Updating previous PSP priorities

The JLA is often asked how long JLA PSP priorities remain relevant and how and when they should be updated.  Processes for updating priorities are now being tested in two areas. 

We value your opinion

Do you have any comments and/or feedback on activities in the JLA Lab?  Suggestions for new ideas are always welcome.

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