The JLA Lab

Introducing the JLA Lab – an experimental space for priority setting activity

The JLA Lab is a safe exploratory space separate from JLA PSP activity where new ideas can be developed and new methods can be tested. The key aim of the JLA Lab is to support innovation for the JLA to help address the challenges of our stakeholders by seeking to explore and test new methods, evaluate, report and learn from what we do, whilst protecting the integrity and reputation of JLA PSPs.

The JLA Lab is a conceptual space and the activity will primarily be based within the JLA Secretariat team at the Wessex Institute. Activities will be overseen by the JLA Executive Group (the JLA Secretariat team and Advisers).  Resources for the JLA Lab will initially come through the NIHR infrastructure funding for the JLA, but this will be kept under review. 

Ideas for JLA Lab activities will come from within the JLA or from other interested stakeholders.  Anyone will be able to submit ideas.  The JLA Executive will consider them on a case by case basis.  Those ideas selected will undergo assessment and will be evaluated and reported on via the JLA website.  Where recommendations are made for changes of practice or methods for the JLA we will consult with the wider JLA community, including the JLA Advisory Group, before any recommendations are adopted as standard JLA practice and added to the Guidebook.  We recognise that not all ideas and suggestions will work.  Learning ‘what not to do’ will be an invaluable part of the process.

There are a number of activities taking place that fall within the JLA Lab.  You can find out more about them by reading the links from this page. 

Please email us with any comments and/or feedback you may have on these activities.  Suggestions for new ideas are always welcome.