Lab Activity 4 - Priority setting for a local community

JLA PSPs typically focus on setting priorities in specific health conditions or health settings.  The East London Pandemic PSP for Ethnic Minority Communities differs from most PSPs in its scope. The PSP focuses on a geographic location and population, rather than an area of health and care.  It aims to co-create solutions with East London ethnic minority communities to help inform local and national Covid-19 pandemic responses, to better support ethnic minority communities and foster transformational change.

Community priorities are likely to cover areas beyond health research, such as design and provision of local services, education, housing, or community initiatives.  This means that the process may not follow the same processes for research evidence checking that typical PSPs undertake.

The Gorton Community project launched in June 2023 in Manchester and is working with residents, community organisations and healthcare workers to identify the health and wellbeing challenges and research questions that are most important to people from that local area. All consultation was done face-to-face and a final priority setting workshop took place in early 2024.  Local priorities will be announced soon.

We will report back on the challenges and successes of their work to inform future similar PSPs.