JLA Guidebook

About the JLA Guidebook

This Guidebook is a step-by-step guide to the processes involved in a James Lind Alliance  Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) and it is essential that anyone wanting to run a PSP is familiar with it before starting.  It will help PSPs to work effectively, using long-established methods, to ensure credible and useful outcomes.

About the JLA Guidebook

The JLA Guidebook is divided into chapters.  Many of them contain examples that illustrate the process.  The final chapter, the Toolbox of key PSP documents, shows more examples and highlights templates that can be adapted for use by new PSPs.

This is Version 10 of the JLA Guidebook, published in March 2021.  The JLA method is continuously evolving. As evidence of new approaches and good practice emerges, the Guidebook will be updated.

You can download a PDF of Version 10 of the JLA Guidebook if you prefer.