Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Top 10

(in no order of priority)

  • What can we do to stop patients developing chronic pain after surgery?
  • How can patient care around the time of emergency surgery be improved?
  • What long-term harm may result from anaesthesia, particularly following repeated anaesthetics?
  • What outcomes should we use to measure the 'success' of anaesthesia and perioperative care?
  • For which patients does regional (local) anaesthesia give better outcomes than general anaesthesia?
  • What are the effects of anaesthesia on the developing brain?
  • How can we improve recovery from surgery for elderly patients?
  • Do enhanced recovery programmes (fast-track surgery to speed up patient recovery) improve short and long-term outcomes?
  • How can pre-operative exercise or fitness training, including physiotherapy, improve outcomes after surgery?
  • How can we improve communication between the teams looking after patients throughout their surgical journey?

The remaining questions discussed at the workshop were (in no order of priority)

  • How can we reduce the effects of anaesthesia on brain function, particularly in the elderly?
  • Does post-operative intensive care improve outcomes in higher risk patients having major surgery?
  • What are the consequences of low blood pressure around the time of surgery, particularly in the elderly?
  • Does cardiac output monitoring improve outcomes after surgery?  How can we improve cardiac output monitoring?
  • How can the anaesthetist help reduce the risk of complications after surgery?
  • How can we reduce complications (adverse events) after surgery?
  • How can operating theatre efficiency be improved?
  • What should be discussed with patients before surgery and what is the best setting for this discussion?
  • How can we most effectively deliver training to improve quality and safety in anaesthesia and perioperative care?
  • How can anaesthetic technique and perioperative care help reduce the risk of cancer recurrence?
  • What is the best choice of intravenous fluids to improve outcomes after surgery?
  • How can we reduce the risks of anaesthesia in elderly patients?
  • How can pre-operative assessment for adults be improved?
  • How do epidurals affect progress and outcomes of labour (childbirth) and how can adverse effects be minimised?
  • How can we improve patient recovery from surgery? 

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