Epilepsy Top Priorities (priority setting in association with the JLA)

These were the top priorities shared by patients, carers and clinicians

  1. Cognitive drug side effects (eg, 'Do different epilepsy medications affect people differently?  Are the problems reversible? Are certain people more likely to develop cognitive side effects, and can they be predicted?')
  2. Public awareness (eg, 'What advice should be given to all schools about epilepsy, and how would this improve epilepsy control for schoolchildren?  Can better education about epilepsy improve quality of life for people with epilepsy by reducing stigma?')
  3. Mood side effects
  4. Prescribing in pregnancy
  5. Treatment of depression as a comorbidity
  6. Drug withdrawal
  7. Adherence
  8. In utero side effects
  9. Information and self-management
  10. Recognition and acknowledgement of side effects
  11. Management of side effects
  12. Presurgical choices