Eating Disorders (Australia) Top 10 priorities (priority setting in association with the JLA)

(in no order of priority):

  • How can GPs & other health professionals better identify disordered eating and the symptoms of all stages of all types of eating disorders, and intervene appropriately as part of routine practice?
  • How do we ensure all Australians have equitable access to effective eating disorder treatments no matter where they live or what they can afford?
  • What existing eating disorder services, treatments, or treatment factors have the best long-term outcomes?
  • How can treatments be more individualized to consider diverse needs, stage of life, illness duration, type and diagnosis?
  • What support and skills do families need to help their loved one at all ages and stages of treatment across the recovery journey?
  • What are the barriers to early intervention and how can these be addressed?
  • What are the positive and negative impacts of current treatment – how can we reduce the negative impact and increase the positive?
  • How can public health messaging around healthy eating and weight be delivered without impacting on the development of eating disorders and inducing weight stigma?
  • What are the key risk and protective factors and how do they impact on the development of (or the risk of developing) an eating disorder?
  • Are there particular strategies parents/families can use that help prevent the development of an eating disorder?