Cardiac Arrest Top 10

  1. What are the most effective mechanisms for improving the rate of lay responder/bystander CPR?
  2. What interventions at the scene of a cardiac arrest (ie. longer time before transport, advanced life support crews, mechanical CPR, ) improve resuscitation and survival outcomes?
  3. How do we improve response times and survival from cardiac arrest in rural areas in Canada?
  4. What resuscitation medications (ie. epinephrine, antiarrhythmics, bicarbonates, TXA, esmolol, ) are the most effective in improving resuscitation and survival outcomes after cardiac arrest?
  5. What care do patients’ family members need during and after their loved one has a cardiac arrest?
  6. What should post-discharge care include for cardiac arrest survivors, what is the role of rehabilitation and how can recovery be best supported post cardiac arrest?
  7. How can we communicate back to everyone involved in the resuscitation (ie. survivor, family, paramedics, ED staff, ) after a cardiac arrest?
  8. What factors best predict neurologically intact survival following sudden cardiac arrest in adults?
  9. Are their biomarkers or genetic tests that are effective for predicting sudden cardiac arrest?
  10. What are the psycho-social impacts of survivorship on quality of life, both short and long-term and how are they addressed? (relationships, finances, functioning, employment , etc.)