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100 JLA PSPs: Life after the Top 10

What each PSP plans to do to support the priorities after they are agreed is vital. This needs to be planned for at the start of the PSP.

Published: 08 October 2020

100 JLA PSPs: How have charities benefitted from being involved?

We are delighted that in 2020 the James Lind Alliance (JLA) has reached the milestone of 100 completed Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs). The JLA has been privileged to support many charities working with their communities in identifying and agreeing priorities for research.

Published: 04 October 2020

100 JLA PSPs: The clinician perspective

From a clinician perspective, involvement in a PSP not only helps ensure that research funded supports the practical decisions that clinical and care teams need to make every day but can have an impact in other ways too.

Published: 03 October 2020

Getting involved in health and social care research

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists is working with the JLA to identify the research priorities for occupational therapy in the UK. The project is guided by a Steering Group made up of occupational therapists, health and social care professionals, people with experience of accessing occupational therapy services and their carers. Isaac Samuels, co-chair of the National Co-production Advisory Group at Think Local Act Personal, shared his thoughts on getting involved with this project.

Published: 12 May 2020

James Lind Alliance in Canada

Tamara joined the team as a JLA Adviser in late 2019, as part of a collaboration between the JLA and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH). She updates us on JLA work in Canada.

Published: 22 April 2020

JLA live in Mbale, Africa

The first Steering Group meeting of the Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) JLA PSP in Mbale, Uganda, was held in early December 2019. I am privileged and really pleased to be the Chair of this PSP.

Published: 17 April 2020

Tailored engagement strategies for our unique landscape

Britney Duncan (pictured), Research Coordinator, Respiratory Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan, talks about how their PSP team knew from the start that they would need to think “outside the box” when it came to engaging Saskatchewan residents with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) to find out their treatment-related questions.

Published: 07 April 2020