100 JLA PSPs: The clinician perspective

Published: 03 October 2020

The James Lind Alliance (JLA) provides a rigorous method to identify and agree important priorities for research ensuring there is a balanced inclusion of patient, carer and clinician experiences and perspectives. We are delighted that 100 Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs) have now been completed.

From a clinician perspective, involvement in a PSP not only helps ensure that research that is funded supports the practical decisions that clinical and care teams need to make every day but can have an impact in other ways too. Some have reported changes in their clinical practice, skills development, career progression and raised profile.

Noemi Roy, a Consultant Haematologist involved in leading the Rare Inherited Anaemias JLA PSP reported:

“When you're dealing with patients through the PSP, you see much more of their life, their aspirations, their fears, their reservations and really what's important for them, their values… I think it's made me more aware of how the little things really make a big difference. So, now I think I try harder to get the details right for my patients much more often.”

She goes on to say: “This has changed how I practice medicine. It has changed my understanding of what it means to listen to patients. It has changed the language I use when I speak with them. Most importantly it has changed my vision of how to deliver the care we give them. It has made it our vision.”

A health professional at the Anaesthesia (Canada) JLA PSP priority setting workshop said the workshop was a “great opportunity to hear diverse perspectives, will definitely shape my practice and my research objectives”.

Another at the same workshop agreed, saying “It’s incredible how much we can learn by listening to patients… The idea of gathering health care professionals, patients and caregivers to decide is brilliant. I think I have learned a lot that day by listening to everyone’s opinion and rationale behind every choice.”

We’d like to thank all of the health professionals that have been involved and supported JLA PSPs over the years.  You can find out more about the JLA and how PSPs work on the website, starting here.  And if you'd like to get in touch with the team, please email us at jla@southampton.ac.uk

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