100 JLA PSPs: Throwing a spotlight on the JLA Advisers

Published: 07 October 2020

At this time, when we acknowledge the work of 100 completed James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs), it seems only right to thank our JLA Advisers, past and present and to throw a spotlight on their work to support PSPs, in the UK and internationally.

JLA Advisers provide skilled chairing and facilitation expertise to a PSP. They are passionate about upholding the values that are so important to our work. One PSP kindly let us know that:

"This process is an excellent way to elevate the voices that are underrepresented in healthcare research. Our JLA Adviser was absolutely dedicated to this value and it permeated the entire process.”

Another said:

“The support of our JLA Adviser has been absolutely invaluable. We have been gently led through the process and having an experienced and, importantly, independent individual very much supports the transparent and equal way of working which is so crucial to the success of the PSP.”

JLA methods for priority setting are open-access via the Guidebook and all of the other information on the website, and that’s important to us. However, it’s about more than what’s written down. As one PSP put it:

“The guidebook is fairly helpful, but the Adviser's knowledge and experience from other PSPs, on top of the guidebook, is hugely beneficial.”

Because JLA Advisers regularly come together as a group to share and discuss what PSPs are doing, their PSPs not only benefit from their individual adviser’s experience, they benefit from the knowledge of the whole JLA team, which spans many years of priority setting. We know that benefitting from the experience of others that have gone before them, is something that JLA PSPs find valuable about their relationship with their JLA Adviser:

“Bringing expertise of what others have done, what worked well and what else we may want to consider in the context of our specialist area, has been particularly helpful.”

We are grateful for the valuable support of all our JLA Advisers. Here’s to the next 100 PSPs!  All of the 100 lists of priorities from JLA PSPs are published on the JLA website.  If you'd like to get in touch with the team, please email us at jla@southampton.ac.uk

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