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The curious thing about research...

Douglas Findlay, Steering Group member, Emergency Medicine Priority Setting Partnership, looks back over the course of the priority setting process he was a part of. He explains why he believes the work of the James Lind Alliance is so valuable, and why he would encourage others to get involved.

Published: 13 September 2017

Adapting PSP surveys and workshops to make sure everyone can get involved

It’s important that Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs) think about the people they are trying to talk to and how to make it as easy as possible for them to get involved. The Canadian Dementia PSP has announced its Top 10 recently and made some interesting adjustments to help people with a diagnosis of dementia to join in with the priority setting.

Published: 31 July 2017

Getting involved in a PSP workshop: from both sides of the window

Emily Burns, Research Communications Manager at Diabetes UK, reflects on her experience as a participant in the Contraception PSP Final Workshop. Emily describes the process, and relates this to her work with the Type 2 Diabetes PSP, which is currently planning its own final workshop.

Published: 14 June 2017

Autism PSP: End of 2016 review

In May 2016, the Autism PSP published its Top 10. Since then, Autistica, the charity which initiated the PSP, has been working with funders and putting plans in place to address these research priorities.

Published: 17 January 2017

First impressions

Catherine White, one of the new JLA Advisers, describes her personal journey into the world of medical research, and shares her initial insights into the JLA process.

Published: 18 October 2016

New and emerging treatments for corneal disorders

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Horizon Scanning Research and Intelligence Centre (HSRIC), working with Fight for Sight, has identified 130 new and emerging technologies and procedures for treating corneal disorders.

Published: 20 September 2016