JLA reporting requirements

A key principle of the JLA is transparency of process.  In addition to reporting and disseminating the Top 10 priorities, and any other reporting and dissemination activity the PSP chooses to do, the PSP is required to provide the JLA with the following for the JLA website.  We ask that PSPs provide these as soon as possible once the Top 10 has been agreed.

  • The full list of indicative questions (uncertainties) that were discussed at the priority setting workshop, in the agreed order of priority
  • Data management spreadsheet, which includes the full long list of priorities, examples of original survey submissions, explanatory notes about the priorities and references to relevant evidence
  • PSP engagement summary. This provides details of the numbers of people who took part in each stage of the PSP. PSPs are also asked to record some statistics, including the number of survey responses, how many uncertainties were received, and the number of people at the priority setting workshop.  Publishing this information makes the work of each PSP transparent.  It helps everyone to understand the detail of each priority setting process and can provide helpful information to prospective PSPs.  It is also helpful for PSPs to have this information summarised so that they have all the statistics needed for a final report all in one place.  The Anaesthesia Canada PSP shows a completed example.

The following documents are also required for the JLA website when the PSP has tailored and agreed them:

  • The PSP Protocol
  • The PSP Question Verification Form
  • The PSP Steering Group Terms of Reference

Copies of these are in the Templates and useful documents section of the JLA website. 

"Traditional dissemination of the Top 10 through publications and presentations will occur over the next 6 months.  Planning for broader dissemination and uptake by funding bodies will begin within the next 2 months and will be ongoing for the foreseeable future.”

From PSP feedback survey to the JLA