The Coeliac Disease PSP Top 10 announcement included personal stories from patients affected by each of the uncertainties.  

The Learning Difficulties (Scotland) PSP Top 10 launch was covered by a number of different mainstream media.  

The Endometriosis PSP Top 10 launch was covered in The Sun

The Multiple Sclerosis PSP was publicised in the MS Society Research Matters magazine.

The Heart Surgery PSP produced two different types of final reports.  The ‘report of the results’ (PDF) is aimed at their whole audience and describes the process and the priorities, including all of the questions the PSP received.  The ‘plan to help the research community address the priorities’ (PDF) provides additional information relevant to researchers and funders, e.g. further details of the evidence gap and suggestions for the type of research questions that might help address these.

The Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss PSP had an article published in The Lancet. The Parkinson’s PSP had an article published in the BMJ Open.  The Cystic Fibrosis PSP had an article published in Research Involvement and Engagement.