The Stillbirth PSP used the following criteria to help reduce the large list of uncertainties received to a shorter more manageable list for interim prioritisation.  It meant that questions proposed by one individual, or from only one group, would be prioritised lower than questions from several respondents from different disciplines.

  1. Questions suggested by more than one group, e.g. parents, midwives, obstetricians
  2. Questions suggested by more than one group (ranked by number of individuals)
  3. Question is within a topic area suggested by more than one individual, e.g. fetal movements
  4. Questions suggested in survey and as research recommendations in guidelines.

The Dementia PSP reduced its long list by removing questions that were based on submissions by just one or two survey respondents.  The removed questions were checked by a team at the Alzheimer’s Society helpline with a view to retaining questions that were known to be of importance to marginalised groups and those less likely to have been able to complete the survey.