Who should complete it?

Those asked to complete the interim prioritisation survey may include the following:

  • Partner organisations
  • original survey participants, if details have been collected for this purpose and they have given permission to be contacted again
  • the general patient, carer and clinician communities – an open call like the original survey was. Researchers may take part if they are also clinically active.

It is important that patients, carers and clinicians and the groups representing them participate.  Interim priority setting can be done by email and/or post or online, depending on the communication preferences of the partner organisations and the capacity of the Steering Group to process the responses. Some PSPs have supplemented their survey work with face-to-face work, to facilitate input from groups that are less likely to do an online survey or who need extra support to participate.  

An article describes how the Dementia (Canada) PSP used face-to-face discussions in its interim priority setting. Members of the Steering Group from the Adult Social Work PSP also worked with groups of people face-to-face to complete the interim priority setting survey.  

Depending on the timing of this survey, Steering Groups may consider using the survey to ask if respondents would be interested in an opportunity to attend the priority setting workshop, if this question was not already asked in the initial survey.