The PSP lead

All PSPs require good leadership and a considerable time commitment from the PSP lead who has overall responsibility for successful delivery of the PSP and for making sure that the Steering Group follows the JLA Adviser’s recommendations regarding JLA priority setting methods.  The PSP lead is usually the individual or representative of the group that made the initial approach to the JLA to carry out the PSP.  The PSP lead needs to demonstrate commitment to the process, drive the PSP forward to completion and be able to generate stakeholder engagement and enthusiasm across the sector that the PSP will cover.

The PSP lead will work closely with the JLA Adviser, PSP Coordinator, and Information Specialist.  It is important that the PSP lead can engage, motivate, and collaborate effectively with the Steering Group and all stakeholders involved.  If the PSP lead is solely a researcher, they are not eligible to take part in any voting on priorities throughout the process.   

The organisation where the leader of the PSP is based has overall responsibility for the PSP and ultimate responsibility for the actions and behaviours of the PSP. It will be the responsibility of that organisation to ensure that the PSP complies with all necessary safeguarding, data protection laws and other legal requirements throughout the existence of the PSP.