How long does a PSP take?

The time taken to run a PSP will vary depending on scope and resources. Typically, the process will take 12 - 18 months to agree the priorities.  One factor in this is the time it takes to achieve meaningful engagement with patient, carer and clinician communities.  It is also unlikely that anyone will be working on the PSP full time with no other commitments to work around.  Speed and volume of response to the survey will also impact on the timetable.  The JLA website includes an example timetable template that can be adapted by PSPs

Of course, the timings above relate only to the process of identifying and agreeing the priorities.  The PSP will also need to spend time disseminating the priorities, translating them into questions for researchers and funders to work with and undertaking broad engagement with the research and funding community as well as tracking the impact of the priorities.  This process can be ongoing and may take months and years.   PSPs should plan early for this activity.  The report More than a Top 10: How James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships transform research, people and organisations provides some useful examples of how PSPs have done this.  This published article expands on that report.