Templates and useful documents

Read examples of key documents used by individual Priority Setting Partnerships, and advice on using the JLA logo

Download and save the documents below for useful information when planning your PSP:

Summary of setting up a PSP (pdf)

Flowchart of PSP Process (pdf, 35.04 KB)

PSP Key Roles and Competencies (pdf, 45.35 KB)

Below are some document templates that you may download and adapt for your own use when running a PSP:

PSP Protocol (docx, 59.65 KB)

PSP Steering Group Terms of Reference (docx, 109.36 KB)

Declaration of Interests (docx, 59.74 KB)

Agreement for use of personal details in publicity (docx, 104.88 KB)

Summary of involvement for patients in a PSP Steering Group (docx, 48.82 KB)

Timeline of PSP activities (xlsx, 15.3 KB)

The following document downloads are to be used by PSPs to record the data they collect.  They should be submitted to the JLA for publication on the JLA website following the final workshop.  Please use the guide to help:

PSP Data Management Guide (pdf, 295.88 KB)

PSP Data Management Template (xlsx, 15.63 KB)

PSP Engagement Summary