Who's who in the Priority Setting Partnership?

Steering Group: a small group that coordinates and implements the activity of the PSP, taking responsibility for its completion.  It includes representatives of patients, carers and clinicians, as well as a JLA Adviser.

Partners: organisations and groups that advocate for or represent the interests of patients, carers or clinicians, which get involved in helping the PSP to promote its work to those groups.

Patients: individuals with experience of the health problem and those who represent them, including relatives and charities.  Some PSPs use alternative words to describe this group such as ‘service users’ or ‘people living with…’.

Carers: including informal and unpaid carers such as family members.

Clinicians: all types of health and social care professionals with experience of caring for people with the health problem, including organisations or groups who represent them.

The scope, structure and aims of the PSP are set out in the Protocol document.  There are many completed examples of PSP Protocol documents on the individual PSP pages of the JLA website, including the Bleeding Disorders PSP protocol, the Adult Social Work PSP protocol, and the Diabetes (Type 2) PSP protocol.