What is a Priority Setting Partnership?

The aim of PSPs is to bring patients, carers and clinicians together to jointly identify priorities for research.  The JLA’s current portfolio of PSPs is on the JLA website.  JLA PSPs are characterised by following the method set out in this Guidebook and are facilitated by one of a small team of approved JLA Advisers.

PSPs’ objectives are to:

  • bring patients, carers and clinicians together to identify uncertainties or unanswered questions for specific health issues
  • agree by consensus a prioritised ‘Top 10' list of those uncertainties for research
  • publicise the methods and results of the PSP
  • draw the results to the attention of research funders, independently of the JLA.

Advocates of, and individuals from, the following groups are eligible to take part in a PSP:

  • people with experience of the health area in question
  • carers and families of those affected
  • health and social care professionals working with patients and carers in the health area in question.