After the Cystic Fibrosis PSP agreed its Top 10, the group explored four of the Top 10 priorities in more depth, using online surveys and focus groups amongst the cystic fibrosis community.  The aim was to develop practical and important clinical trial questions in those priority areas.  They then undertook a follow-up survey asking the community to rank eight specific trial questions in terms of importance and asked patients how likely they would be to take part in the trials.  

The Heart Surgery PSP produced two different types of final reports.  One (the ‘report of the results’ ) is aimed at their whole audience and describes the process and the priorities, including all of the questions the PSP received.  The other (the ‘plan to help the research community address the priorities’) provides additional information relevant to researchers and funders, e.g. further details of the evidence gap and suggestions for the type of research questions that might help address these.  A news item on the JLA website also explains their approach to establishing working groups to discuss each of the priority areas in detail and work with members of the Heart Surgery community to translate the priority areas into applications for clinical trials. 

The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer PSP brought together researchers, funders and charities in a workshop to discuss the priorities and consider opportunities for funding.  The PSP described this as a ‘funders’ workshop’, other PSPs have described this step as having a ‘knowledge translation workshop’.