Feedback from the final workshop participants

Getting feedback about the workshop may help PSPs understand how the process has worked for them and the participants and to address any individual concerns.  A feedback form from the PSP may be included in the delegate pack for completion on the day and/or emailed afterwards.  Some PSPs have produced short reports of the feedback they received and have made them publicly available.

 The JLA also welcomes feedback from workshop participants and has developed a standard workshop feedback questionnaire, which PSPs can use instead of or in addition to their own.  This is to help the JLA review its processes, gather a range of views from participants, and improve the guidance we provide for future PSPs.  The PSP can work with their JLA Adviser and Steering Group to agree the most appropriate time and way to distribute a survey, and whether to carry out one survey in partnership with the JLA or if separate approaches are required.

In the Key Documents section for the Diabetes (Type 1) PSP, the Preterm Birth PSP and the Bipolar PSP you can find examples of their final workshop reports, including workshop evaluations.