Stage 1. Download the survey data

The data collected from the survey needs to be organised into an Excel file using the template provided by the JLA in the Templates and useful documents section.  This will include the suggested uncertainty and the type of submitter, including any background details collected.  This will require data to be downloaded if collected online or entered manually if paper and telephone submissions have been gathered.

The dataset then needs to be cleaned and organised as detailed in the following steps:

  • remove incomplete or blank rows
  • where one respondent has submitted more than one uncertainty, ensure these are separated so there is one submission per row, always ensuring demographic data is copied across so the origins of each submission are retained
  • give a reference number to each submission to maintain an audit trail
  • anonymise the data by removing any personal details (i.e. name and address).

Example survey responses from Childhood Disability PSP:

PSP survey question: What question(s) about neurodisability would you like to see answered by research?Respondent
Do any of the alternative therapies out there actually work in supporting Autism? Parent
Is there any evidence milk and gluten free diets influence autism? Clinician
Does changing the lighting intensity and colour tone in classroom settings help children with neurodiverse conditions?  Eg a) children with ADHD to concentrate for longer?  b) children with dyslexia to read see written images more clearly and therefore speed up their reading time or reduce visual stress headaches? Parent
How effective are Complementary Therapies such as massage, reflexology, relaxation techniques in helping children and young people affected by neurodisability? Parent
Assessment on the impact of language and cognitive growth with the provision of assistive and augmentative communication devices for those children unable to communicate orally. Clinician
Does multi-level surgery improve the long-term quality of life in children with cerebral palsey? Clinician

Are the teaching styles, social interactions and dynamics of the traditional school environment too stressful for many of these young people.  My reason for asking is I know of many children with ASD/ADD (my 13 year old daughter being one) who have had breakdowns in mainstream education and have had to be removed from school and put into therapy.   These are intelligent children whose grades are falling due to stress.