Chapter 12: Toolbox of key PSP documents

The following documents provide useful information when planning and establishing a JLA PSP.  They are available from the Templates and useful documents section of the JLA website.  Please check the website for updates to these.

  • Advice on using the JLA logo
  • Summary of setting up a PSP
  • Flowchart of PSP process
  • Timeline of PSP activities
  • Steering Group Interests and Privacy Form 

The following are mandatory items for the JLA.  To ensure transparency, each PSP is expected to publish these on the JLA website as soon as they have been finalised by the Steering Group.  They are available from the Templates and useful documents section of the JLA website.  Please check the website for updates to these. 

  • PSP Protocol 
  • PSP Steering Group Terms of Reference
  • PSP Data Management Template
  • PSP Engagement Summary
  • PSP Question Verification Form


Examples of work done by previous PSPs

The JLA website contains examples of the work done by individual PSPs.  Amongst these are: 

PSP timetables

Acne, Alcohol-related Liver Disease, Bipolar

Initial awareness meeting agendas/invitations

Cleft Lip and Palate, Prostate Cancer, Mesothelioma, Diabetes (Type 1)

First Steering Group meeting agenda


Initial surveys

Advanced Heart Failure, Eczema, Physiotherapy, Prostate Cancer, Diabetes (Type 1), Urinary Incontinence, Vitiligo, Mesothelioma, Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care, Parkinson’s, Cavernoma, Sight Loss and Vision, Broken Bones in Older People, Multiple Conditions in Later Life, Adult Social Work, Learning Difficulties (Scotland)

Easy read surveys

Adult Social Work

Advanced Heart Failure

Survey information sheets/invitations to participate

Diabetes (Type 1), Ear, Nose and Throat (aspects of balance), Multiple Conditions in Later Life

Survey ‘jargon buster’

Digital Technology for Mental Health

Communications plans


Example certificate for CPD

Diabetes (Type 2)

Promotional materials

Eczema, Hypertension (Canada), Pressure Ulcers, Alcohol-related Liver Disease, Sight Loss and Vision, Bipolar, Childhood Disability, Emergency Medicine, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Stillbirth, Autism, Seniors’ Health (Alberta, Canada), Learning Difficulties (Scotland)

Examples of combined questions

Cleft Lip and Palate

Interim surveys

Mesothelioma, Diabetes (Type 1), Diabetes (Type 2), Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care, Multiple Sclerosis, Learning Difficulties (Scotland)

Pre-workshop ranking forms

Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss, Surgery for Common Shoulder Problems, Adult Social Work

Final workshop agendas

Mesothelioma, Surgery for Common Shoulder Problems, Emergency Medicine

Final workshop question cards

Blood Transfusion and Blood DonationCleft Lip and Palate, Schizophrenia, Vitiligo

Final workshop reports

Hip and Knee Replacement for Osteoarthritis, Preterm Birth, Bipolar

Top 10 announcements

Coeliac Disease, Dementia (Canada)

Media coverage of Top 10 announcements

Endometriosis, Learning Difficulties (Scotland)


Reports of whole PSP process

All PSP reports are listed here


PSP articles and publications

All PSP articles and publications are listed here



Examples of videos produced by PSPs

Foot Health

Living With and Beyond Cancer


Intensive Care PSP

Emergency Medicine PSP

Scoliosis PSP

Diabetes (Type 2)

Examples of PSP Twitter feeds and #