Chapter 3: How to establish a PSP

Initial enquiry

The coordination of JLA Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs) is managed by the JLA Secretariat team at the National Institute for Health Research Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC), based at the University of Southampton.  The JLA Secretariat team manages enquiries about potential PSPs and then assesses their readiness to proceed.  Once both parties feel confident that a PSP has the right expertise and infrastructure in place, the team will allocate a JLA Adviser to work with that PSP.  The self-employed JLA Adviser then contracts directly with the PSP.  JLA Adviser time is chargeable to the PSP once they start work.

The JLA Secretariat team uses a readiness questionnaire in order to help people consider the areas important for setting up a PSP (for example financial and people resources, scope, patient and carer involvement, and which research funders the priorities will be aimed at).  If you have plans in place to start a PSP and would like to see a copy of the readiness questionnaire, please email .