Broken Bones in Older people - Musculoskeletal Injury: fragility fracture of the lower limb and pelvis

Broken bones in older people MSK trauma

There are approximately 5 million lower limb fragility fractures in the world each year.  Many of these injuries are associated with long-term disability, and even death, because it is estimated that 25% of patients with a hip fracture will die within one year of their injury. Over 500,000 patients suffer a lower limb fragility fracture in the UK every year; a figure which is projected to rise rapidly as the population gets older.

Lower limb fragility fractures are also very expensive to treat. The cost is estimated at 2% of the total healthcare burden in established market economies such as the UK – that’s around £3 billion each year.

We would like to know from patients, their relatives and healthcare professionals the research questions they would like answered about broken bones in patients over 60 years of age. 

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