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The foot is a complex and intricate structure – a testament to the engineering of the human body.  With 26 bones, over 30 joints and more than 100 muscles tendons and ligaments, our feet require careful maintenance if they are to function effectively during the activities that we undertake on a daily basis.  The average person will walk approximately 2.5 times around the world in their lifetime, that’s a lot of mileage and means that almost everyone will suffer from some form of foot problem during their life.

This PSP was established in 2018 by the School of Health Sciences at the University of Salford.  It is funded by the William M Scholl Endowment Fund, which will use the Top 10 as the basis of its future research funding strategy.

Here is PSP leader, Chris Nester, talking about the launch of the initial survey on 1st November 2018.

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