Who is involved

The steering group

Patient and carer representatives:

Abrhet Gebreegziabher (Patient representing those who have/had urinary incontinence)
Elsa Weldegebrhana (Carer of patient with incontinence)
Yisaem Bezae (patient representing those who have/had pelvic organ prolapse)
Ambaye Dejen Tilahun (Carer of patient with pelvic organ prolapsed)

Clinical representatives:

Dr Ambaye Wolde Michael, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and representative of Women and Health Alliance International (WAHA)
Tewodros Meheret Fetene, Gondar physiotherapist
Workae Ejgu, Gondar nurse

NGOs working on pelvic floor disorders:

Wagaye Fentahun (UNFPA)
Hawlt Abeyu Ejigu (Simien Mountains Mobile medical service)

The management team

  Professor Doug Tincello, Consultant Urogynaecologist, Project Lead

  Dr Zelalem Mengistu, Project Lead

   Dr Emma Pitchforth 

Dr Chris Williams 

  Toto Anne Gronlund, JLA Adviser

Contact for more information

Prof Doug Tincello

Dr Zelalem Mengistu: È + 251 936380001   zelalem.mengistu@uog.edu.et

Toto Anne Gronlund: Toto.jla@microwells.uk

The image below shows the PSP steering group.