There were over 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK in June 2019, when the Stroke Priority Setting Partnership (Stroke PSP) started. Thanks to huge advances in emergency care and treatment, there are more people surviving stroke than ever. But stroke has devastating effects and stroke survivors, as well as those close to them, have complex needs for long-term support.

Research can find new ways and improve how we stop, spot, treat and support those affected by stroke. But a the time of publishing the Stroke PSP research priorities, only £25 was dedicated to research per stroke survivor in a year.  This compared to £161 per person living with cancer.

The Stroke Association led this PSP driven by its core purpose to be the trusted voice of those affected by stroke and to improve outcomes in stroke prevention, treatment and lifelong support.  The project was made possible with the partnership and support of many individuals and organisations in the stroke community.

In order to address the priority areas established in the Stroke PSP, and improve the lives of people affected by stroke, investment in stroke research must significantly increase.

There are two lists of Top 10 priorities: the first in stroke prevention, diagnosis, pre-hospital and hospital care, and the second in stroke rehabilitation and long-term care.  Both were published in June 2021.

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What is the Stroke PSP?


Top priorities in stroke prevention, diagnosis, pre-hospital and hospital care


Top priorities in stroke rehabilitation and long-term care


After the two Top 10s had been agreed, the Stroke Association, in partnership with KTN, held the ‘Action on stroke research priorities’ event. The event invited industry, academia, clinicians, funding and supporting organisations with expertise in stroke research, innovation and care to share their knowledge and develop new collaborations and partnerships to address evidence uncertainties established in the PSP You can see the report from this event in the Key Documents section of this page.

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Key documents

Stroke PSP Protocol

Stroke PSP Steering Group Terms of Reference

Stroke PSP Question Verification Form

Stroke PSP Engagement Summary