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UNCERTAINTY: In people with haemophilia, what are the most effective treatments for the prevention and treatment of haemophilic synovitis (inflammation of the joint lining)?  
Overall ranking This was one of the 15 questions at the workshop that fell outside of the Top 10. These were not ranked in any order of priority
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Explanatory note In haemophilia, recurrent bleeding into joints causes an inflammatory reaction called synovitis. It is helpful to reduce bleeding but this is very slow to show benefit. We would like to know if there are other therapies which could accelerate recovery. 
Evidence Kresnik, E, P Mikosch, HJ Gallowitsch, R Jesenko, H Just, D Kogler, J Gasser, M Heinisch, O Unterweger, G Kumnig, I Gomez, P Lind. Clinical outcome of radiosynoviorthesis: a meta-analysis including 2190 treated joints. Nucl Med Commun 23 (2002) 683-8.
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Date of priority setting workshop 7 July 2018