Bleeding Disorders

The Bleeding Disorders Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) came together following an initiative from the United Kingdom Haemophilia Doctors Organisation (UKHCDO) to set up a clinical studies group for bleeding disorders. The aim of the group was to promote research into bleeding disorders in general and not restrict itself to haemophilia and related inherited bleeding disorders. When it first met, the clinical studies group recognised that an important first step would be the formation of a PSP with the James Lind Alliance.

The PSP consulted with people who have a bleeding disorder or who have experienced problems with bleeding, aged 8 years old and upwards, and their carers.  Equally important to the PSP were the views of medical doctors, nurses and other health professionals with experience of bleeding disorders.

The Bleeding Disorders PSP Top 10 was published in December 2018.

Key documents

Bleeding Disorders PSP protocol

Bleeding Disorders PSP Steering Group terms of reference

Bleeding Disorders PSP engagement summary

Bleeding Disorders PSP question verification form