Reporting on results and impact

To communicate the results of their work and the methods they used, many PSPs publish journal articles or reports and you can see these in our articles and publications section.

Here are some updates on the impact of PSPs after a period of time:

In March 2024,the NIHR Evidence Collection published the major NIHR studies on the prevention and treatment of eczema. The latest NIHR eczema in children update brings together major research on the prevention and treatment of eczema, allowing commissioners, healthcare professionals and families of children with eczema to focus on what is effective. The Collection also explores the support children and their families need to understand and self-manage their eczema effectively, as well as giving details of ongoing research.

All of the studies have been funded through the NIHR and many pick up on priority areas that were identified through the JLA eczema PSP in 2012. 

In April 2022, a full report and a lay summary on the uses of the priorities from the JLA PSP in Adult Social Work was published, including an evaluation of which priorities have been addressed fully, partially or not at all, and interviews with members of the research community.

In November 2021, the Cystic Fibrosis PSP published 'You said, we did:  How the Cystic Fibrosis priorities have been addressed since they were agreed in 2017', to report on progress with the original PSP priorities, just ahead of it starting a project to refresh the priorities with its communities.

In June 2021, Diabetes UK reported on the work that it had been doing to address the Type 2 Diabetes PSP priorities.

In January 2020, The National Cancer Research Institute published 'Highlighting progress made in living with and beyond cancer research', to give some examples of the progress made since the Living With and Beyond Cancer PSP priorities were announced in 2018.

In June 2019, the Ontario Brain Institute published an update looking at what had happened in the year since the Neurodevelopmental Disorders PSP agreed its priorities.

The British Tinnitus Association, in their Annual Research Review for 2018, reported on the progress made five years after the PSP

The NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit and British Tinnitus Association reported on work happening around the Tinnitus PSP priorities in January 2017

Autism PSP update from Autistica at the end of 2016: the progress made so far on each of the Top 10 questions.  In February 2019 Autistica launched its Impact Plan, which talked about the JLA PSP to involve the autism community in setting future priorities for research 

Palliative and end of life care PSP one year on: How to continue to address the research priorities post dissemination

Childhood Disability PSP: What happens after a PSP has identified its priorities?

Childhood Disability PSP: Adding Value in Research

Fight for Sight reported on the funding that the Sight Loss and Vision PSP priorities have been given.