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UNCERTAINTY: What is the best way to treat the symptoms of psoriasis: itching, burning, redness, scaling and flaking? (JLA PSP Priority 4)
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Shahwan Evidence of no significant difference in mean baseline itch scores in patients with psoriasis or atopic dermatitis who need treatment with systemic therapies.  Evidence that pruritus is a more significant component of psoriasis than previously recognised.  Pruritus in psoriasis has been associated with occupational impairment, anxiety, depression, and has a negative impact on overall quality of life, mood, concentration, sleep, sexual desire, and appetite.  Further research is needed. 

Van Laarhoven Evidence that placebo can have a substantial effect in the treatment of itch in dermatological patients with chronic itch due to a variety of skin diseases including psoriasis.  Further research needed.

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Original uncertainty examples How can itching be controlled properly?
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Date of priority setting workshop 17 September 2018