Led by a group at the University of Manchester, the Psoriasis Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) gathered over two thousand questions in their initial survey from people who have experienced psoriasis, been affected by psoriasis (eg, carers and family members) and the health professionals who care for them. The 20 most important questions were jointly agreed at a priority setting workshop in September 2018.

The work was funded and supported by the Psoriasis Association and involved collaboration with the UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network, based at the University of Nottingham's Centre for Evidence Based Dermatology.

The Psoriasis PSP Top 10 was published in November 2018.

For World Psoriasis Day in October 2020, the Psoriasis Association launched two videos in which Professor Chris Griffiths and Dr Helen Young answer questions received by the PSP about psoriasis and treatments, which have already been answered by research.  The answers to these questions are known but have not yet made their way into common knowledge and many people still ask about them.

Key documents

Psoriasis PSP Protocol