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UNCERTAINTY: Are there any rehabilitation treatments or exercises during the waiting period after mastectomy that are proven to help improve outcomes after reconstruction?  (JLA PSP Priority 7)
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Explanatory note In patients who have either chosen or been recommended to undergo delayed breast reconstruction, they can often wait one year or longer between the mastectomy and reconstruction. During this lengthy waiting period, patients often ask if there are any rehabilitation treatments or exercises that they can actively perform that have been shown to help improve the outcomes following their delayed breast reconstruction. In our era of patient empowerment, it would be very useful to measure if any rehabilitation treatments such as lymphatic or scar massage, or exercises to condition the body can produce better surgical outcomes following their delayed breast reconstruction surgery.

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Original uncertainty examples Will be helpful to know about prehab (arm exercises) and rehab as well as physiotherapist that can help in this regard…. ~ Is there anything that can be done before surgery for a better outcome? (exercise, massage, ROM) ~ I wish there had been more information about wait times and the importance of physical fitness pre-op
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PSP name Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction
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Date of priority setting workshop 2 July 2019