Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction (Canada)

Older woman talking to a health professional about her options after mastectomy

Breast cancer is estimated to affect 1 in 9 Canadian women during their lifetime. Treatment can involve surgical removal of one or both breasts (mastectomy). Breast reconstruction aims to surgically restore the shape of the breast. This surgery does not interfere with the treatment of breast cancer or monitoring for a return of breast cancer.

While breast reconstruction is an optional surgery it can have important emotional and practical benefits. There are many surgical options available to patients based on a variety of physical and personal factors.

The Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Priority Setting Partnership is asking Canadians who have experienced or have an interest in breast reconstruction to submit their research priorities related to the process of breast reconstruction.

The PSP is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and is part of the Canadian National Research Consortium on breast reconstruction.

The initial question-gathering survey for this PSP opened in May 2018.

Key documents

Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction PSP (Canada) Protocol