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UNCERTAINTY: How many future surgeries should patients expect with each type of surgery?  (JLA PSP Priority 23)
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Early and locally advanced breast cancer: diagnosis and management Evidence-based recommendations on diagnosing and managing early and locally advanced breast cancer. NICE guideline Published July 2018 

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Knowing the timelines and if there will be any restrictions with my athletic lifestyle ~ I think a timeline needs to be provided to mastectomy patients with reconstruction as to what exactly is allowed at which week i.e. range of motion, lifting exercises etc ~ What to expect going forward?..... ~ Recovery took MUCH MUCH longer than expected. Definitely a lot longer than the surgeon suggested. Get real timelines from patients. I was told to expect to be out of commission for 6 weeks by patients and this was accurate. …. Also I spent a week recovering in hospital and a lot of the nurses on the ward were not familiar with my surgery and one tried to make me sit up in a chair right less than 12 hrs after my surgery and I became quite dizzy as I wasn’t ready. The frequent checks while in hospital are not helpful. There has surely got to be a better way of checking integrity of the new breast without waking the patient up every 3-4 hrs . My surgeon didn’t have as much fat as she envisioned so reconstructions is a lot smaller than thought. A discussion about a contingency plan ahead of surgery will be useful.

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