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UNCERTAINTY: What is the evidence behind new breast reconstruction techniques (for example: dermal matrix)??  (JLA PSP Priority 1)
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How does autologous surgery impact other body functions (e.g. removal of muscle from belly, shoulder, etc.)….. ~ I wish someone would have told me about the different reconstructions that could be done. I also had a lift on the opposite breast and was not told that I would lose feeling there as well ~ What are new methods of reconstruction that are minimally invasive (just filling the areas with new materials without major surgery)? ~ Yes, the techniques evolve very quickly and we do not know much about what is happening behind the scenes. In my case, the technique has completely changed between two of my surgeries. I was operated on too many occasions.

Submitted by 29 x Patients and Care-givers, 9 x Clinicians 
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Date of priority setting workshop 2 July 2019