Priority 17 from the Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction PSP

UNCERTAINTY: What are the failure rates associated with each type of breast reconstruction?  (JLA PSP Priority 17)
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Early and locally advanced breast cancer: diagnosis and management. Evidence-based recommendations on diagnosing and managing early and locally advanced breast cancer. 

Health Research Classification System category  Cancer
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Original uncertainty examples What is the overall satisfaction of breast reconstruction in Canada (nationally and regionally)? ~ Which technique has highest success rate, highest satisfaction rate, lowest complication rate? ~ What are success rates for each option? ~ How much are patients satisfied with the results of their surgery after different intervals of time - ie, six months, one year, two years, five years?.......
Submitted by 26 x Patients and Care-givers, 12 x Clinicians 
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PSP name Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction
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Date of priority setting workshop 2 July 2019