Priority 15 from the Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction PSP

UNCERTAINTY: What are the pros and cons of nipple sparing surgery versus non- nipple-sparing surgery and nipple reconstruction at a later stage?  (JLA PSP Priority 15)
Overall ranking 15
JLA question ID 0109/15
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Nipple- and areola-sparing mastectomy for the treatment of breast cancer. Mota, Bruna S. Riera, Rachel. Ricci, Desiderio Marcos. Barrett, Jessica. de Castria, Tiago B. Atallah, Alvaro N. Bevilacqua, Luiz Jose.

Breast cancer reconstruction surgery (immediate and delayed) across Ontario: patient indications and appropriate surgical options. Cancer Care Ontario's Program in Evidence-based Care 

Health Research Classification System category  Cancer
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Original uncertainty examples If I have nipples tattooed on and then need a revision at a later date going to make things more difficult? ~ Nipple reconstruction vs nipple sparing surgery ~ ....and will I always lose my nipple. And if I keep my nipple will I have feeling in it. ~ Current role of nipple preservation with regard to immediate reconstruction, and with regard to different tumour types/histology.
Submitted by 29 x Patients and Care-givers, 9 x Clinicians 
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PSP name Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction
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86  (To see a full list of all uncertainties identified, please see the detailed spreadsheet held on the JLA website)

Date of priority setting workshop 2 July 2019