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UNCERTAINTY:What is the evidence and safety behind fat grafting for breast reconstruction? (JLA PSP Priority 10)
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Explanatory note Fat grafting to the reconstructed breast is a relatively novel, but commonly performed procedure in the reconstructed breast.  Long-term evidence on the viability of the grafted fat is lacking.  Also the safety behind fat grafting to the reconstructed breast is poorly understood.  Better research is need to understand the biology of the newly grafted fat in the reconstructed breast short- and long-term, as well as the safety implications of fat grafting into the reconstructed breast.

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Health Research Classification System category  Cancer
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Original uncertainty examples Is it safe to do fat grafting? Can fat grafting encourage the growth of cancer cells because of putting tissue back into the breast area? ~ Is it ok to just have liposuction (tummy) and inject the fat removed to the breast site without resorting to a flap? ~ the availability of microfat injection should the need present ~ Less intrusive surgical Alternatives to reconstruction such as scar appearance improvement and fat injection to decrease concavity in the mastectomy region
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PSP name Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction
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Date of priority setting workshop 2 July 2019