Methods of Rapid Reviews (PRioRiTy III) (priority setting in association with the JLA)

The Priority III study aimed to identify research priorities about how to improve how we plan, do and share the results of rapid reviews in the context of healthcare.

The findings of rapid reviews are used in healthcare decisions and therefore have the potential to impact all of our lives.

Patients, members of the public, reviewers, researchers, clinicians, policymakers and funders who are over 18 years of age were asked to take part. Participants did not have to have any research experience or previous involvement in a rapid review.

The project was funded by Health Research Board (HRB) and the Health and Social Care division of the Public Health Agency (PHA) of Northern Ireland within Evidence Synthesis Ireland (ESI).

The Top 10 priorities were published in July 2021.

See news from this priority setting work: August 2021

This video explains more about what evidence synthesis and rapid reviews are

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