Global workshop to set priorities in methods of rapid reviews - PRioRiTY III

Published: 11 August 2021

Recently, in the most global JLA workshop so far, priorities around methods of rapid reviews were decided by patients, carers, members of the public, researchers, funders, policymakers, reviewers and clinicians from 11 countries: Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Syria, and USA.

PRioRiTY III – Setting Priorities for Rapid Reviews Research, is the third in a series of priority setting exercises around research methodology. 841 comments or questions were submitted in the question gathering survey. 240 people took part in the second survey to rank them.

The final order of the priorities about how we plan, do and share the results of rapid reviews were agreed in the international workshop split over two afternoons, to be as accommodating as possible of the different times zones everyone works in.

The project website shows the results and more background to the project.

Claire Beecher, who coordinated the priority setting project said:

“Now more than ever, we need access to quality evidence more quickly. We’re delighted with the agreed priorities and we encourage research funders to incorporate them into their research strategies. We encourage researchers to use the priorities as an agenda for their work to ensure that the questions that have been agreed by the public, carers and professionals as being most important are being answered.”

As usual, the JLA collected feedback from participants after the workshop. We and the PRioRiTy III team couldn’t be more pleased with what we heard:

“Engaging such a wide range of international partners was a major achievement and a humbling experience. Much more than sharing the outcomes of this PSP we shared a common humanity which was utterly invigorating and encouraging.”

“This online workshop was both inspiring and humbling, people from all over the world, gathering together with the unified purpose of ranking in order of priority the questions collated from the input of all the stakeholders.”

“I thought the decision process, and the discussions, were superb. Very well-argued, very respectful, and took account of other people's views… It worked well online too, which also brought the added advantage of allowing people from around the world to take part. It would have been a great loss to have not had that international perspective ….”

“Online participation is an uphill task for most of us in LMICs due to our unstable electricity supply and poor internet connections. Nevertheless, it was made easy by the provision of pre-workshop materials to facilitate understanding of the objectives, tasks as well as promote active participation during the workshop.  The workshop brought together a wide variety of stakeholders with diverse backgrounds. The decision making process was fair and transparent. Everyone demonstrated politeness in putting through their opinions and there was huge tolerance for diverse opinions."

“It was so wonderful to come together with people from all around the world to prioritize methods research on rapid reviews, which have become more relevant and important during the pandemic.”

“I liked that participant mix, having people from different backgrounds and different countries enriched the conversations we had and gave vast perspectives as well.”

“Participating in this workshop was very exciting, interesting and insightful. I enjoyed being able to communicate with colleagues across the globe to hear their different perspectives, and to share mine.”

“Being part of the Brazilian research and knowledge brokering communities, it was really amazing to participate in Priority III, learning from international stakeholders and setting priorities in such a collaborative fashion.”


What remains now is to encourage researchers to use the priorities in their studies and research funders to incorporate them into their research strategies. So please do share the results far and wide.

If your research addresses one or more of the Priority III questions, we would be delighted if you could get in touch with the PRioRiTY III team by email at to let them know.



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