Priority 20 from the Blood Pressure in Pregnancy PSP

UNCERTAINTY: What is the effectiveness and safety of pharmacological treatments once pre-eclampsia is diagnosed? (JLA PSP Priority 20)
Overall ranking 20
JLA question ID 0099/20
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Health Research Classification System category Reproductive health and childbirth
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Original uncertainty examples Is there a study using Viagra? ( this was mentioned to me when I was pregnant 3 years ago and I suffered high blood pressure) ~ When gestational hypertension is first developing what should hcps recommend to slow its progression ~ How does Aspirin help prevent some of the problems for the unborn baby? ~ If a more common use of Mag Sulphate prior to seizures would be helpful. ~ What is the best way to treat women with pre eclampsia ~ Can we improve prediction, monitoring and treatment of HIP and pre eclampsia 
Submitted by 7 women, 6 healthcare, 1 literature review of uncertainties reported
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PSP unique ID 0099
PSP name Blood Pressure in Pregnancy
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50 (To see a full list of all uncertainties identified, please see the detailed spreadsheet held on the JLA website)

Date of priority setting workshop 20 June 2019