Priority 20 from the Anaesthesia (Canada) PSP

UNCERTAINTY: What strategies can help reduce delirium after receiving anesthesia for surgery? (JLA PSP Priority 20)
Overall ranking 20
JLA question ID 0084/20
Explanatory note

This question asks about how to reduce delirium that sometimes happens after patients receive anesthesia. Respondents wanted to know about strategies that would help people of all ages.


No systematic reviews identified

Health Research Classification System category  Generic health relevance
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Original uncertainty examples What are the various strategies that we can adopt to avoid post operative delirium? ~ What is the correlation between intra-operative hypertension and post-operative delirium.
Submitted by Healthcare providers, caregivers, patients
PSP information
PSP unique ID 0084
PSP name Anesthesia (Canada)
Total number of uncertainties identified by this PSP. 49  (To see a full list of all uncertainties identified, please see the detailed spreadsheet held on the JLA website)
Date of priority setting workshop 15 May 2019