Pressure Ulcers

Patient and lay carer education for preventing pressure ulceration in at-risk populations

Addressing priority 2: A Cochrane Review protocol published in December 2015. This review will look at how well patient and carer education about preventing pressure ulcers works.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention at Home: Pressure ulcer prevention for people with long-term neurological conditions (LTNCs) who self-manage care and live at home. A participatory intervention development approach

Addressing priority 2: NIHR research in progress

Surgical treatment of pressure ulcers

Addressing priority 11: Commissioning brief advertised to researchers by the NIHR HTA Programme.

Dressings and topical agents for treating pressure ulcers

Addressing priority 8: A Cochrane Review published in June 2017 brought together the best available evidence to help health professionals and people with pressure ulcers make decisions about the use of dressings or topical agents as treatments.