Multiple Sclerosis

MS-STAT2: A phase 3 randomised, double blind, clinical trial investigating the efficacy of repurposed simvastatin compared to placebo in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, in slowing the progression of disability

Addressing priority 1: Research in progress

In 2014, the MS-STAT1 clinical trial of 140 people with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis followed for 2 years showed promising results in those taking simvastatin (dose-80mg/day) compared to placebo (a dummy drug). This MS-STAT2 trial is based on the original MS-STAT1 trial, but is a larger clinical trial. Patients will be followed for 3 years to investigate whether there is confirmed slowing of disability progression or not.

Exercise therapy for fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis

Addressing priority 3: A Cochrane Review published in September 2015 brought together the best available evidence looking at whether exercise therapy is an effective and safe way of reducing fatigue in MS.

Deliver MS

Addressing priority 5: Research in progress

Also read more about this study here  Working in the US and the UK, DELIVER-MS aims to answer one of the biggest questions facing people diagnosed with relapsing MS: Is early treatment with an intensive but aggressive Disease-Modifying Therapy (DMT) the best option, or should you start with a DMT that has the least side effects?